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Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?

I just saw this question: It's asking for a hosting recommendation. Are these on topic here?
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An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

If the Community Managers team (henceforth CM) so decides, we're scheduled to start public beta in two days (Tuesday). I'm not sure we're ready. On most new beta sites, announcements from the CM team ...
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Custom close reasons for software recommendations

Due to the unique nature of Software Recommendations in comparison to the rest of the Stack Exchange network, I feel some discussion needs to go into the creation of close reasons specific to this ...
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Can I answer with website/webapp?

When someone asks a valid question, and I know there's website/webapp that fulfills all or at least majority of the requirements, should I answer with that? On the other words, is it forbidden to ...
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Are web API recommendations on-topic?

In the past I have had mixed success asking for web APIs on other Stack Exchange sites. I think I've tried Stack Overflow and Web Apps, but I'm not 100% sure. Web APIs seem to be much like libraries ...
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Are recommendations for programming tutorials/resources on topic?

Normally I would take programming questions to Stack Overflow, but I believe they're starkly against recommendations in most cases. However, I feel that asking for programming tutorials or resources ...
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Where to ask for websites?

Now I saw this question and knew I can't ask for websites, only webapps. While a site for free PDF books can be a webapp, it's basically a website unless you want requirements/features that only ...
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Is this question bending the WebApp / WebSite rule?

I recently asked this question: Car purchase selection App and after I found an answer posted it as well. Now Mawg mentioned in his answer that this is bending the rules for: No Websites. So, I ...
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Are site recommendations allowed?

I need to learn PHP fundamentals, and so I'd like to put out a question on Software Recommendations asking "What site offers good, informative PHP tutorials?" I'm not sure if site recommendations ...
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Is asking for the canonical location of source code on-topic?

I'm looking for the source code paired with a textbook, but the URL provided in the book has rotted away, and searching Google only reveals sources that don't appear to be official or have been ...
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Why are users telling me my question isn't on-topic when I've already shown it is?

A site to upload my code projects to I've asked a question ostensibly on topic, and have provided at least three references from this very Meta site to demonstrate this in the comments - the general ...
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Data sources vs applications: what's the limit?

In a previous episode “Can I ask for recommended websites?”, we concluded (in Angelo Neuschitzer's words): No to Websites; Yes to Webapps. I think the main difference between websites and ...
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Are questions on webmail recommandations acceptable?

See title? Can I ask a question about recommendations for, say, Gmail alternatives? Can I ask for recommended websites? seems to deal with a similar issue, but it doesn't specifically discuss ...
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Are mail service offering recommendations on-topic?

Different mail service providers typically use different software and offer different interfaces and features. At the same time, they are offering what is essentially the same service. So - is it on-...
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Could the Help Center please include information about whether or not it's okay to ask for website recommendations?

In 2014, Dan Dascalescu asked: Can the About please include whether web apps are OK to ask for, or whether this site is limited to desktop (or mobile?) software? I had my hand slapped by @...
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