I created a couple of questions and I have a feeling that no one will answer them. There are lots of questions with no answer.

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    Well, the number of programs is limited, while the number of user requirements is pretty much infinite. Commented Aug 28, 2014 at 2:43
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    This is more of a feeling than anything data driven, but it does seem like only the question asking audience is really active for this particular stack exchange site. There don't appear to be a lot of people actively answering. Commented Oct 10, 2014 at 19:49

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Definitely not, as the site statistics for Software Recommendations on Area51 show:

  • 59% answered
  • on average, 1.9 answers per question

But admitted, there are a lot of questions without answers:

Not every question is answerable, and not every request has a fitting solution. To give an extrem example (not a real question, of course): "Android web browser without internet permission" would clearly stay unanswered, as it's a contradiction in terms. Other things like Extensions that blocks ability to click on ads are clearly niche products (if they exist at all). A few of your questions fall into the latter category at least (I e.g. have never heard of a tool to Remux http video file on the fly) – while for others I share your doubts (I'm pretty sure that e.g. a NFS server for Windows – but that's the only question I can say so for, and also the only one already having an answer. So in your case, it's clearly the "niche argument" being the cause.


"Android web browser without internet permission" would clearly stay unanswered, as it's a contradiction in terms."

Shouldn't there be at least one answer here explaining the contradiction? And why such an application is not likely to ever be produced. The question shows a lack of understanding by the person asking it, but the community can provide a service by pointing them in the right direction. It is entirely likely that others at the same level of understanding may arrive later and also be educated.

I asked my first question on this site, not because I am unable to do the research myself, but because I don't fully understand the niche that I am exploring. My hope by asking here, was that people who were familiar could confirm or shoot down my assumptions, give me some leads, and point me in a good direction so I have some boundaries to use when I continue my research.

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