I think I may have once asked a question on Software Recommendations Stack Exchange, about terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs), though I'm not sure if I was logged in as "unforgettableid" or as someone else.

I can't find it anymore. Maybe it was deleted.

Do I appear to have really asked such a question? If so, was it closed? And if it was — why?

[Edit: I found the question, in a text file saved on this computer. D'oh! I have now posted it. See: "To know what time it may rain, I like TAF forecasts. I'd like the embedded times converted to local time and 12-hour notation." Feel free to delete this meta question if you like.]

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You haven't posted anything as of the time of this writing with the account you used to post this meta question.

It's possible that you used a different account to post it, but I'm on mobile at the moment and can't investigate very far right now. When I get home I'll look closer.


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