This is my first question in Software Recommendation. I am surprised to see so many downvotes. Is the question really that bad? Please someone explain so I can delete my question after knowing the reason.

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Glad you brought this topic to Meta, sameer – that's the best place to seek clarification of this kind!

Downvoters should have commented and give you hints why they downvoted. But unfortunately, they don't always do that. I was not one of them, so I can only guess. But taking a look at your question, a good guess is it's lacking required information (which it definitely does). It might help you to take a look at What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? to see what makes a "good question". Summed up:

  • a user story (what's the background, what do you want to achieve)
  • a list of specific requirements (what are must-haves, what are (optional) nice-to-haves)
  • don't forget to specify the intended platform (which OS, if applicable, or whether it should be a web-app)

Another indicator is already given by Nick's comment: Before posting your question, make sure it's on-topic. Some general pointers (not all related to your specific question, that is):

  • off-topic:
  • on-topic:
    • which software do you recommend to {do X}, and meets the following criteria:

Further recommended readings:

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