Generic part:

I would like to learn about the applications that exist in a certain class of software on Linux. How do I best ask a question about that on Software Recommendations in a way that will follow the rules of the site and be useful and informative for others in the long term?

Specific part:

I would like to learn about drawing and painting software that is available on Linux, or may become available soon (I believe there isn't much today; is there any hope for the better?). I'd like to use Ubuntu on Microsoft Surface Pro line of tablet/laptops and draw on it.

This class of software I have in mind includes tools such as:

All of which are not available on Linux.

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Try to ask a question only when you know what you're looking for. A good question would ask for a software running on Linux that has a given feature or set of features, not "a Linux equivalent to Adobe Photoshop".

You may perfectly well ask for "a software to draw on Linux", but I would recommend describing what you mean by drawing on Linux.


Basically just use your specifics part with a few adjustments:

  • list detailed feature requirements (Make it explicit and detailed - better to be over specific and get a couple good answers that miss one or two features than too broad and have 40 possible answers)
  • You don't need to list what you would be using in Windows environment (you still can but you don't need to and it is only sometimes helpful)

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