When I first entered SoftwareRecommendations, the thing I noticed first is the 'beta' along with the name. I also use Stackoverflow, Superuser, and Programmer. I didn't find such a thing there.

Why you people added beta to SoftwareRecommendations ?

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Stack Exchange sites go through 3 stages:

  • Private Beta
  • Public Beta
  • Graduated

This site is currently in Public Beta. This means that we are getting additional support/monitoring from Stack Exchange Community Managers, (SE employees).

On a beta site the Reputation Threshold for most privileges is a lot lower. As it is a young site, there just hasn't been enough time for enough people to get up there.

It is also a warning, that the site (or community) is still undergoing development. Some rules aren't set in stone, or are not documented. For example, this has been decided on but never put into practice:

We will exit Public Beta after we meet certain requirements, and SE (as a company) is happy with how this is working out. You can see our progress here on Area 51

Alternatively, it might be that it is decided that this site doesn't work out, and it will be scrapped. I haven't heard of a public beta being scrapped, but it happens not infrequently to private beta sites. AI has been scraped twice now in private beta.

Much more information can be found on this blog post


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