I need to convert tables from MediaWiki to LaTeX, and conversely. Shall I ask one or two questions?


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This sounds like one question, but I haven't seen the specifics of what you intend to ask. I'd say just make it one question and folks will comment if they feel otherwise.


I would ask two questions.

While it sounds similar, the underlying algorithm is probably very different. Compare for ODT<->PDF:

  • Way 1: Read from ODT (1), write to PDF (2).
  • Way 2: Read from PDF (3), write to ODT (4).

There are specialized libraries for each of this tasks. They often don't overlap.

I wrote an XSL script to write to ODT (zipped XML), it is very easy, especially since you won't even need to deal with styles/macros/advanced ODT features from a PDF.
On the contary, reading from ODT to produce a PDF will require you to implement nearly all of the ODT specification.

So even among 10 two-way tools, some will be better at way 1, and some better at way 2.

Conclusion: Asking two questions will lead to a more relevant ranking.


It depends. Do you need the same program to do it both ways or are you looking for two separate programs?

If both options are fine, I'd ask about a program to convert one-way first and list the other way as a "nice to have" feature and see what kind of answers I get. If needed, ask for a program to convert the other way.

If you're looking for a program that handles both, ask one question.

If you're looking for two programs, one handles the conversion to one way and the second the other way, ask two questions.

  • Yes that's the issue: I don't need the same program to do it both ways: two separate programs would be fine too. Commented Mar 24, 2014 at 14:06

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