Some questions tagged , asking for some JavaScript tools for building webapps have floated:

Shouldn't we forbid such usage of this tag? If not, what is the difference with ?


The tag is for requesting applications that run over the web. The tag is for tools used in web development. The tag wiki seems pretty clear on the web-apps tag (there isn't one yet for the web-development tag). I would just remove it from questions where they got the tagging wrong.


I think that the other tags are already covering what he's looking for: javascript framework, REST API, Node.js, etc. web-development is just the goal but not how you plan to reach it. The other tags already cover very well what the question is about and web-development/apps will only add a vague description of what my goal is (and most likely will not attract enough answerers as most of them has a prefered set of tools depending the language they are building over).

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