We have at least three tags for Apple mobile devices: , and .

I guess and should be and instead — what question about those devices wouldn't be about an app for these devices?

Are separate and tags needed at all, or should be systematically used ([perhaps with or to distinguish when needed)? After all we have a single tag for .

According to Wikipedia, there are only half as many iPad apps as iPhone apps, so there is a significant difference in availability. Does this justify treating and as separate platforms? In that case, is warranted?


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Here's what I think should happen:


No, we shouldn't ban the and tags. There are many requests where an app which runs on one device specifically is needed. For example, I really want a Stack Exchange client on my iPhone, and I don't really care if it works on my iPad. Just having doesn't convey this.

  • Are there a lot of apps that run on an iPhone but not on an iPad? If there aren't, then there's no point in having a specific tag, because the distinction is irrelevant. Feb 13, 2014 at 5:25
  • 1
    @Gilles Yes, and visa versa. I've built some of them.
    – Undo
    Feb 13, 2014 at 5:25
  • 1
    Should we use iphone and ipad, or ios+smartphone and ios+tablet? I get the feeling that like on SO, the device-specific tags are overused and most questions in fact apply generically to any iOS device. Feb 22, 2014 at 3:55

(As I don’t know much about mobile, I can’t decide if this requirement should be specified in the tags instead of in the title/question only. So in this answer I assume that we need tags for this difference.)

If it’s true that there are iOS apps that run on one kind of device only (e.g., iPad or iPhone), is this true for other mobile platforms, too?

According to this question on SO, it seems to be the case for Android, too.

So maybe, instead of using manufacturer-specific tags like, in case of Apple, /, we should use general tags that can be used for any kind of mobile platform?

For example, and . (Or, if the screen-size is the actual difference here, something like , …?)

So …

  • a question asking for apps that have to run on an iPad would be tagged with: ,
  • a question asking for apps that have to run on an Android smartphone would be tagged with: ,

(But again, only if we really need tags to differentiate. Personally, I think we could do without and specify it in the title/body only.)

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