Questions like "vim or emacs" and "which linux distribution" will come up repeatedly after the beta.

Should we just close those as off-topic, or have canonical questions/answers for those?

See for example serverfault canonical answers thread. Similarly, other Stack Exchange sites have special questions that are for historical curiosity or to answer really popular questions that are still off-topic.


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The serverfault canonical answers are answers to good questions.

While it is not entirely decided yet, it seems that X vs. Y questions are deemed bad questions.

I don't think we should create "canonical bad questions", as some users would not understand their "canonical bad" aspect, and would cite them as examples.


We should close them as "too broad" or "opinion based". A good narrow scoped question "How to setup a linux that matches Windows XP most closely" is a good question. "Whats the best desktop linux distro" is not.

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