Today, my achievement inbox told me I shared a link which was visited 25 times:

Announcer badge

However, I can't find any link provided by me on the linked question. It seems I neither edited the question nor the answer.

Was the badge awarded correctly or is it broken?

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In this case, the answer is simple - just looking at the linked questions (at the moment there is only one), you can see your comment posted under this question: Audio player showing timestamps. (The two linked searches return no results - but you can test them with different URLs/strings if you wish to.)

It is worth mentioning that links from posts and comments within Stack Exchange network count too - this was different in the past, but it change at some point. (Probably it is documented better in some place, but at least one post mentioning this that I was able to find was this one: Publicity badges might be taking internal links into account?)

In general, some suggestions how to search for posts and comments containing a specific URL. In this case we would expect the URL to be in this format softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/q/2602/1935 - since it brought the announcer badge.

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