I have a question about my Software Recommendations Stack Exchange post: What free Windows browsers have VPNs built in, other than Epic, Opera, Tor?

Why was this deleted by a sole moderator — when What Android browsers have VPNs built in? remains openm and explained what's wrong with Opera and Tor?

Yisroel Tech alleged

This is a spam post, and seems to be meant as to backlink this unknown Epic browser (listed first since it's more known than the other two mentioned...)

Yisroel Tech is wholly wrong, and this allegation is groundless. I linked to Epic merely to identify what browser I was referring. You can remove the link, if you disbelieve me.

Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

I am not at all affiliated, associated, or backed by, any browser or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

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What Android browsers have VPNs built in? is also not a great question in my opinion, because a big part of the question is about a service, rather than about software. I would not be surprised if it gets closed by the community.

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