I checked the site statistics and Software Recommendations has the least percent of answered questions of all the sites. 49 percent. Is there anything we can do to get more activity?


Welcome to Software Recommendations SE, "96 94". I happen to be friends with your aunt, 99.

Our community is a bit different from other SE communities in that there is a much greater chance of there being no possible answer to some of our questions.

For example, if someone asks for the impossible, like a completely gratis (free of financial cost) operating system that is both reliable and completely open-source, there are obviously no possible answers. Oh, wait... Linux. Bad example. ;)

Being serious though, many of our questions will intentionally remain unanswered until there are software products that match the requester's specifications. Those unanswered questions are by design.

I think it would be interesting to know how many of our unanswered questions are currently answerable, and I welcome any way to determine that metric!