There must be an answer on Software Recommendations, because I have seen it before, and I even evaluated it in a virtual environment a while ago (too long obviously). I can't find it any more.

It is for managing PCs in a class room. The teacher could decide whether to

  • lock the screen or
  • show a presentation or
  • let the pupils work with some pre-defined software or
  • let them do whatever stuff

The tool itself must have been or , run and on , but the question might not have been tagged as such.

IMHO, I upvoted the question and answer (if someone can build a SEDE query or whatever).

I am already trying special search terms such as score:1 (because I upvoted) and answers:1 (because there must be an answer).

It would be great if someone could help me find that product again.

I have tried the following search terms (and more, before I started documenting what I do):

  • classroom answers:1
  • class room answers:1
  • pc management answers:1
  • lecture answers:1 score:1
  • [parental-control] answers:1

It is not one of the following questions/answers:

It seems it's not in my bookmarks


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I remember that one: It was even cross-platform and could be used for Linux as well. Luckily I've bookmarked it: Veyon. Now let's see where that Q&A is… Here you go:

Teaching tools (looking for a program to control what the students are doing in real time)

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