I have a question about my Software Recommendations Stack Exchange post: Is it possible to launch puppeteer from a web-based application?

Hello! My above-linked post includes a question related to the capabilities of the puppeteer node dependency. It was put on hold as off-topic. Where should I go to ask that type of question? It does not have to do with a specific piece of code, but rather with the entire puppeteer module. Thanks for any suggestions y'all have!

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  • If it is this puppeteer a quick searx just brought up, maybe there in the issue tracker? – Izzy Jul 9 at 18:47

When you have a question about a particular piece of software, the default place to go is https://superuser.com

You might think "SuperUser is for Windows wannabees, and not worth of my highly professional software". Please reconsider: SuperUser is also for professional software, see for instance my QA https://superuser.com/questions/1044729/how-to-enable-cmis-on-documentum

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