I need a few Linux virtual machines (Oracle VirtualBox .VDI), for various software development environments, all using only free software, so no copyright/piracy issues.

I could just make them myself, but am afflicted by congenial(*) laziness, and someone out there almost certainly has made them, as I am thinking of fairly standard development setups.

The thing is, I am unsure if virtual machines are actually apps. Sure, they contain apps, but they can be seen as being data for the VirtualBox app.

I am probably worrying needlessly, but thought that I would ask here before posting such a request. What's your verdict?

Btw, I am aware of the Vee Dee Eyes site, but it doesn't offer what I want (which is strange, as it is a common request), and, in any case, I would like a clear ruling as to whether such requests are on topic here.

(*) no, I don't mean congenital; I'm just happy to be lazy :-)

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    Not answering this but adding a pointer: Some VMs are called "virtual appliances" – which comes close to "applications" IMHO: a software tool to serve a purpose. So if you're talking VM in this context, it should fit. But let's see what other members of our community have to say on that :) – Izzy Jan 9 '18 at 12:42

We already have such a question, written by the laziest member of our community:

VM image distribution of a Kerberos server?

It seems that this question has been well received, with 8 upvotes.

As long you describe your requirements:

  • Exact purpose of the VM (something specific)
  • VM software it should run of (or just say that any is fine)
  • Budget

it is on-topic.

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