I just starting fumbling into online training resources like Lynda, ITPro.TV, and InfiniteSkilles (related to O'Reily somehow). I had never heard of most of these a few weeks ago, and I didn't think resources like these even existed (I was trying to learn via YouTube and that was miserable). It was my understanding that you had 2 paths: a degree (which is useless and worthless), and various certifications (which are ridiculously expensive).

I thought I would post a Q&A asking about training resources and supply a few links, but I'm not sure if it would fit, or how to phrase it so that it would. Can I make this topic fit, or does it not fit at all?


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That would be off-topic here. From my "canned responses":

Please note this site is about recommending software, not assets or resources like howtos, manuals/tutorials, multi-media content, code fragments, etc. If you're looking for data, our sister-site Open Data might be worth checking with.

All relevant questions here on Meta are linked in that quote, be welcome to follow them up to cross-check.

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