I think it is important that every question has at least one domain tag. These tags make it possible that experts find relevant questions to answer (and searchers find relevant solutions), while secondary tags allow to narrow down.

Examples for domain tags:
, , , , , ,

Examples for secondary tags:
, , , , ,

Examples for tags that could be domain tags in some cases, but are often only secondary tags (e.g., because they only specify the formats that need to be supported):
, , , etc.; and to some extent , , etc.

Is it possible to create a Data Explorer query that finds our questions which are tagged only with secondary tags?

(If we can use such a query, and the below list is deemed useful for that purpose, I’ll move it to a separate Meta discussion where it can be curated.)

Incomplete list of secondary tags

How the software must be distributed:

On which platform¹ the software must run:

Of what nature the software must be:

In which programming language the software must be written in:

What technical requirements the software must fulfill:

¹ Tags for a specific software/service (, , , , , etc.) are similar to platform tags. Questions with these tags should ideally also have a domain tag, but the issue is not as big as with platforms tags, because we get less questions, and the domain is often narrow enough.

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That's a great analysis and well thought-through (upvoted it already). And while we cannot make any combination "mandatory"1, neither could we expect all (especially new) users to "fully comply" – this would still be useful for reviewers to improve quality. I'm not familiar enough with data-explorer to provide such a query, but I like (and support) the idea.

So, if this is possible, I'd say we should do it. Regardless how frequently it will be used in-depth: everything improving quality should be welcome. And this wouldn't just improve quality, but also make searches easier.

1: there will always be exceptions where something "doesn't work out" or is "unclear to chose" – e.g. software needed for either Linux or Android must not necessarily be cross-platform, and it's doubtful if both tags should be used then, especially given the limit of 5 tags; artificial case: "Linux or Android or Windows video-converter open-source and free" would already make 6 tags ;)

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