In the comments to a Meta discussion on WordPress Development, Rarst (moderator) suggested that we could submit a Community Promotion Ad for Software Recommendations SE.

Their current year’s post is there:

I think their site would be a great place to attract WordPress experts.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no graphic design skills. Can someone come up with an advertisement?

I think it would make sense for the ad(s) to focus on

  • recommending WordPress on questions, and/or
  • recommending WordPress tools/plugins on questions, and/or
  • getting recommendations for WordPress tools/plugins.

(If this works, we could consider doing this for the other SE sites about CMS, too.)


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It won't win me a design award, but here you go:

https://wordpress.meta.stackexchange.com/a/4076/81911 (please upvote until it reaches 6 if you are OK with the ad, thanks!)

I just reused our usual ad, with the text "Looking for a WordPress plugin that fits your very specific needs?"

I linked to What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? but I feel we could have a "How to ask a good WordPress question?".

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