I know asking for a browser extension (extension/add-on/plugin/etc.) is acceptable; however, I was wondering if a question would be considered too broad if it is asking for an extension on any browser. Should we require users to select one browser or at least give a list of browsers they would find acceptable?

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I don’t think that such a question would be necessarily too broad.

Deciding if it’s too broad would depend on the given requirements, so there’s really no difference between questions restricting it to one browser and questions accepting answers for multiple or even all browsers.

If no operating system requirement is given, and if OP doesn’t explicitly state that all OS are acceptable, it would make sense to ask in the comments if that’s really intended (and if yes, the question should be edited to mention this). This way we can prevent misunderstandings in case OP simply forgot to mention their operating system(s). ¹

I dig through our questions. Here are some looking for a browser extension without mentioning which browsers are acceptable (we have many more questions that accept solutions for all browsers, but still state what’s preferred):

I don’t consider any of these to be too broad.

(¹ This is an example where I suspect that OP has some restrictions which browser/OS would be acceptable, but OP unfortunately never provided more details: Browser plugin to prevent HTML5 videos from autoplaying)

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