The description for the tag instructs visitors to:

"Use this tag when asking for recommendations relating to web browser software and web browser add-ons. If you are specifically looking for a Firefox or Chrome add-on/extension/plugin, use the tag [firefox-extension] or [chrome-extension] instead."

Trouble is, neither recommended tag exists.

How do we fix this and who does it?

What do we do about tags for existing questions that are about browser add-ons, extensions, or plugins?

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    I removed the tag "bug" as bugs are for bugs in the software, rather then bugs in user-generated-content. – Angelo Fuchs Mar 20 '15 at 8:42

We should fix that description to use and respectively. That is what is used in reality.

Note: I did the edit. It needs to be approved, yet.


Tag descriptions (tag wikis and tag wiki excerpts) can be edited by anyone. If you have less than 4000 reputation, your edit will be reviewed by other users before it goes live.

The tag wiki was written before we standardized add-on/plugin/extension tags and we forgot to update the tag wiki. Angelo Fuchs has now updated it.

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