We have these tags:

(No question uses both.)

Do we need both of these tags?

Is there a difference? (Not sure if it makes sense, because I have no experience in this domain, but maybe one for statistical software and one for software that "gathers" stat(istic)s?)

  • I'm in favor of merging [stats] -> [statistics], if no one can find a reason not to.
    – user46
    Feb 16, 2015 at 1:59

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Since we seem to have consensus, merged -> .


I think the tags are used for two different things: gathering statistics from observed phenomena, and analyzing statistical data. However the split between the two tag names and is not correlated with these two meanings. I can't see any difference between the tags, so they should be merged.

Let's make the main tag, since it's the unabbreviated name (and it's the one almost all SE sites use).

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