I see some users who use the tag when they really need to talk about .

As this is a Software Recommendations site, I doubt there will be many (if any at all) questions that will be on-topic talking about hardware.

So I propose we show users who try to use the tag the following message:

The tag [mac] refers to the hardware of an Apple computer. This is a software recommendations site, so if you are looking for a recommendation on OSX software (the OS that runs on Mac's, please use the [tag:osx] tag.

Unless I'm mistaken and there genuinely are questions that would be on topic on this site about the mac hardware.

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    One possible route I'm seeing is: if there are no (or extreeeemely few) legit questions about Mac hardware, we synonymize [mac] to [osx], and let the legit hardware questions (if there are any) make their own tag ([mac-hardware]?). – Undo Nov 23 '14 at 19:47

Several sites ([su], [apple.se], [ubuntu.se], [sf]) have mac as a tag meaning Mac hardware and in practice implying OSX as far as we're concerned. So having as a synonym will help for incoming migrations: if we create the synonym, incoming migrations tagged mac on the source site will get tagged here. I've approved the synonym.

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As per Undo's comment and looking at nobody denying the proposal, I've gone ahead and suggested a synonym for over here.

If you agree to @Undo, please upvote the suggestion.

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